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Perimenopause, Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Women are created special, and that is because of the complete circle of life that only a woman can provide. They are unique in many aspects of life even they struggling they remain strong will power to overcome the hurdles they are dealing with.

They come at the moment in where getting aged and Perimenopause may come along their way that makes their behavior changed, easily get irritated, mood swing, lower in sex drive, etc. And that is because of their estrogen level the main female hormone that plays an important role in the reproductive system, which acts everywhere in their body and that includes the brain control emotions.

Signs and Symptoms of Perimenopause are:

➡️  Hot flashes that can only occur before menopause stage in were women become more sensitive due to hormone fluctuations as they get older and older.  

➡️  Breast tenderness when estrogen and progesterone levels arise the spikes in hormone levels can affect the breast tissue and causes the breast ducts to enlarge and hurts too.

➡️ Fatigue hormonal change that involves regulating cellular energy in the body that leads to lack of sleep, periods of emotional stress, etc.   

➡️ Worse premenstrual syndrome is a symptom of ovaries activity that occurs during fertile and it will only deteriorate when hormone fluctuation happened during perimenopause the period.       

➡️ Irregular periods due to estrogen and progesterone level rises, and menstrual cycle pattern falls where hormone changes become more unpredictable and not consistent anymore.  

➡️ Vaginal Dryness causes to estrogen level drop down and reduces the amount of moisture that is no longer available. 

➡️ Trouble sleeping vasomotor symptoms that change mood swing, hormonal fluctuations affect the control of blood pressure and body temperature of the women.  

➡️ Urinary urgency the lack of estrogen weakens its pelvic muscles that many were no longer able to control its bladder function just like before normal. 


Weight Gain Due to Perimenopause:

The hormonal changes due to menopause might make you gain weight around your abdomen, hips, thighs, etc. It is not necessary that hormonal changes alone can be a factor for increased weight gain. Other factors like aging, lifestyle changes, and genetic factors also play a role in weight gain.


➡️ The weight gain due to menopause can have serious implications on your health, breathing problems, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. 

➡️ Weight gain also result in causing various types of cancer, for example. Breast, colon, etc.

How to Prevent Weight Gain?

➡️ Physical activity like strength training, aerobic exercises, etc. can help reduce the excess weight. With the gain in muscles helps your body burn calories effectively.

➡️ Avoid Excess Eating which can lead to weight gain, proper attention to your eating and drinking habits is important as well.

➡️ Get opinions from nutritional benefits that can help keep your check on your sugar intake, drinking habits, and can actually support you to have a healthier diet.


The overall decrease in the estrogen level brings the changes women experience during perimenopause. With symptoms and signs observed, that suggest problems with the reproductive system must be addressed and treated accordingly. With weight loss as a factor can be altered with proper changes in diet and exercise.