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Are Fruit Juices Healthy Or Nah?

Fruit juice is the pure juice which is made from the flesh of a fresh fruit or the whole fruit, there is no preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners or colorings added to the fruit juice. It is mostly enjoyed the way it tastes, there are several fruits which are often eaten whole and some are popular for the juice such as orange juice, it is the most popular fruit juice currently where as mango is one of the most popular fruit that is eaten in whole both in raw and ripen form.

So, in this blog we are going to discuss whether consuming fruit juice is healthy or not. Well, it depends whether one is drinking a branded company’s fruit juice where it is labeled as 100% pure or drinking from a local store which squeezes the juice of a fruit in real time in front of the person. 

There is a huge difference between drinking a fresh packaged juice and drinking a fresh juice.

A survey says that the fruit juice has a maximum life span of 14days, when kept in low temperature. But the manufacturers process the juice with chemicals and so called flavorings which subsequently increases the life span of the ”packaged fresh juice” that we purchase from the stores. Which leads to only sugar intake and further makes us unhealthy when drank often.

We, these days don’t have much time to wait for a fresh juice because they have to squeeze the juice in front of the person in real time that is when it can be called fresh. Ignoring the fact that there is no chemical added in the juice which can not affect our health further in any manner.

Why one should not drink juice and prefer eating the whole fruit.

When the fruit is juiced out, it releases all kinds of sugar in it which leads to kidney dysfunctionality because of higher insulin level in the body and tears apart the insoluble fibre, which is beneficial for our body.

Just drinking the juice also releases a lot of fructose in our body, which is good up to some extent but when it exceeds  the limit fructose can also lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes which is not a good sign for our health.

A study says the fruit juice contain as much sugar which a fizzy cold drink contains in it. No doubt fruit juice is a prominent provider of vitamin C to our body, but excessive drinking of fruit juice can cause serious complications which is dangerous for our health.

Hence, people should mostly prefer eating the whole fruit which has the same amount of sugar as the juice will have, but mainly it will have other nutrients, fibres and vitamins which can over power the sugar intake and help our body to improve. 

One can have fruit juice 2-3 times a week, but drinking it as a daily beverage is not good for health and can lead to serious problems in future. Which is why people say excessive intake of anything leads to a bad phase .