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Avocados Health Benefits & Ways to Consume It


Avocado is the healthiest fruit on the earth and is originally originated in Mexico; there are many varieties of avocado available in different regions. However, it is Mexican fruit but now it is cultivated in almost all over the world. 

Avocado is the tree and its fruit is also called avocado, which is green in color and pear-shaped. As it is known as fruit but it is not sweet, it is creamy delicious and satisfying fruit. 


It is unique than other fruits as other fruits also have nutrients, carbohydrates but avocado also contain healthy fats and a large amount of potassium. Avocados also contain fiber, vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin e potassium, and healthy fats. It is the healthiest nutritious fruit you can add to your meal.

1.CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE:- Avocados helps in controlling blood pressure as it contains a high amount of potassium  It contains more potassium than bananas, as potassium is that mineral which everybody needs more, which only exist in avocado in very high quantity. That is why Avocado is known as the powerhouse of potassium


2. HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS: - Avocados promote weight loss because of its rich amount of fiber, which gives the feeling of fullness and satisfaction and prevent binge eating. Their low levels of sodium also add benefits to weight management.


3. CONTROL MOOD SWINGS: - Avocados also help to boost the energy and mood of the person because of its rich quantity of fatty acids and healthy fats. These nutrients of avocado directly impact on the cognitive process and mental health.


4.IMPROVE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM:-  Avocados promote a healthy digestive system and prevent diseases related to digestion like constipation, acidity, and piles, the fiber contains in avocados are high in quantity than any other vegetable or fruit and high fiber food is good for preventing diseases related to digestion.


5. PROVIDE HEALTHY SKIN:- Taking avocados in daily meals can lead to promoting healthy and glowing skin for sure, its vitamin e and vitamin c helps to promote the health and glow of the skin.



There many ways to add the avocados in your daily meal:-

1. CONSUME IT DIRECTLY OR IN SALAD- you can have avocados as a raw just sprinkle some salt and pepper or can add them in your salad and make it a jam-packed salad with nutrients.

2. USE AVOCADO DIP: - You can add avocados in your meal in an interesting way also, just by using avocado dip or mayonnaise instead of other dips. Add avocado dip into tacos and sandwiches makes them healthy and nutritious

3. AVOCADO SOUP: – you can have avocados by making green avocados healthy soup or you can add some pieces of avocado into vegetable soup.

4. AVOCADO PASTA & FRIES:- So this sounds interesting and yummy, yes we can cook avocado pasta and fries as well. There is the number of recipes of avocado healthy pasta on the internet you can search.


THE BOTTOM LINE :- Eating health makes the person health and avocado is the healthiest fruit on the earth you can have, it is jam-packed with fiber potassium and other nutrients that make it unique.