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Constipation causes and cures by Dietitian Divya Gandhi

Diet plays a vital role for managing and maintaining of health, a dietitian can really make your life style much healthier than ever. You can get rid of many problems in real life be it diabetes or any other disease like constipation, a healthy diet does the 50% work while curing the person whereas rest is done by the medicines or doctor. Hence the guidance of a dietitian is essential if you are not in a healthy state.

So, in this blog we will have a look at different causes and cures for constipation.

What is Constipation

Constipation is basically the less bowel movement or the blockage of stool for a longer period of time, so what happens during constipation is that the stool somehow gets blocked in the intestines and the person suffers from severe pain in the lower part of the stomach.

This disease is one of the common diseases but if it shows symptoms such as infrequent removal of stool or less than 3 times a week or for a longer interval of time, then visiting a doctor is must because it can eventually create lot of problems ahead.

Causes of constipation:

Unhealthy intake of food items regularly or a sudden change to the regular diet, body is used to a particular diet and if a sudden change is made it will not respond normally.


Lack of water and fiber can also cause constipation because the body gets dehydrated if proper amount of water is not drank on a regular basis, fiber plays vital role in smooth and healthy removal of stool, fiber basically helps the bowel system and intestine parts to be healthy.


Consuming lots of dairy products such as milk, curd and many more. Dairy products have a lot of calcium and fat which eventually helps the body up to some extent but when it goes over the head with regular consumption, it creates problem for the consumer. 


Being lazy or not much physical activities can also lead to constipation, physical activities is a must to be fit it helps to regulate the blood and also helps to detoxify the body.

When we eat a food it needs to be properly broken down and should be digested properly in our stomach and if a person has weak digestive system and has a unhealthy diet, it can lead to constipation further.


How to cure constipation with the help of a dietitian?

Food plays a vital role in our life style and the work of a good dietitian is to benefit us with good food for a better life style ahead.

The dietitian are well aware about the outcomes of the food after eating, they track each and every bit consumed by the client which eventually helps the patient to be much forward towards the curing process.

Curing of constipation has several demands and here are some of the basic ones:

Drinking high amount of water regularly mostly warm (if recommended by a doctor).

Eating fruits and vegetables for a balanced meal every day.

Minor physical activities on a regular basis.

Not ignoring the stool removal.