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Immune system boosting diet to fight COVID-19 for older people

Because of the Coronavirus, the entire world faces the fear of life devastation tragedy that kills countless of lives which almost victim are those people who are low in their immune system such as kids, diabetic, with blood pressure problem, lung diseases, heart problem and the older people who are the most affected with the COVID19. 


And for that reason, having a proper diet to boost immunity in older people can be a great weapon to fight the coronavirus in which older people are prone to get easily infected because of their immune system that has been depreciated. 


How to make sure older people Immune system and remain healthy:


• By eating plenty of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C

•Drinking plenty of water every day

• By getting enough sleep

• By not smoking

•By washing the Hands regularly

•By doing a simple workout that you can handle.

• By Soaking up yourself on the sun on the proper time to get Vitamins from the sun


Having the following food intake in your diet would surely help improve the immunity: 


•Citrus Fruits which are rich in Vitamin C that helps increase the production of white blood cells in the body. Eating fruits like grapefruit, oranges, limes, etc. can surely help build the immune system of the elder people. 

•Red bell pepper which is another Vitamin C rich food contains twice as much as citrus foods. A rich source of beta carotene can surely help boost the immune system. Red bell pepper can be eaten in food and side dishes thus making it a convenient intake in your diet. 

•Another great food to include in your diet is broccoli which contains phytochemicals, being a good source of complex antioxidant broccoli is a very important addition anyone can have in their diet. 

•Garlic a popular herb is a good source to fight off the immunity system, is known to have a lot of medicinal properties. It is a must to have garlic intake for older people to have a good immune system in such a situation.

•Ginger which has anti-inflammatory properties and also acts like a source of antioxidant-rich food has properties to boost immune health. Reduces inflammation in the body and can help greater immune response. 

•A great intake of Vitamin C intake in your diet can be useful to up the immune system. Spinach which has antioxidants and beta carotene help fight infection and boost general immunity. 

•Dairy products are best known for the probiotics as it contains high protein, with containing lactobacillus a beneficial bacteria helps fight infection in the body and also helps maintain the gut health.

•Almonds are a stress-busting healthy snack that is high in Vitamin E and which acts as an antioxidant in the body. 

•Adding turmeric to your diet can really help bolster the immune system, in the period of coronavirus pandemic adding extra turmeric in your diet can be really useful. 

•Drinking green tea has soothing effects as it can help with the stress, adding herbs like lavender and chamomile to add flavor can help protect the body against viruses. It is superbly rich in antioxidants so having a cup of green tea surely can help older people’s immunity fight off against the viruses. 


Having a positive mental attitude and taking care of yourself is very important in such a crisis. A proper diet can help improve your immunity and help fight the viruses effectively. So, it is important for older people to take care of themselves and ensure they have such immunity improving foods in their diets.