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How can you mindfully make good food choices?

You would be surprised to think about what is mindfully making good food choices? Actually, it is just to be cautious about what you are eating during the day. What are your eating habits? Whether you are keeping an eye over your diet regularly or having anything when you feel so hungry? Eating the right food at the right time is also a solution to curbing various health-related problems.

What are our current eating habits?

It would not be wrong to say that people are eating fast food and fried stuff like never before. They are always feeling hungry and ready to munch anything that is easily accessible to them. They don’t have time to think before eating anything. Eating food very fast doesn’t digest easily. Easily exposure to fast foods adds extra ailments. The recent study says that the number of obese and diabetics patients has been increasing rapidly in the whole world. 

People of all ages are quite busy in the race of globalization and they even don’t care how their lives would be after 10 to 20 years. Even the young generation is grappling under High BP and heart-related problems. So, you can imagine how people are playing with their health and are endangering their lives without any sense of their responsibilities for their families and friends.

What is mindfully eating food?

There is a science involved in mindfully eating food. It has been practiced by Buddhists since ancient times. It supports old scriptures that exaggerate the importance of eating quality food at the right time. It enhances our immune system stronger and provides the whole nourishment required for our body to live longer and healthier. 

How to practice mindfully eating food choices?

It would not be a wonder to say that it is very difficult to bring a change in society. People don’t love to be consulted. They have the opinion that they are doing everything right. It is scientifically proven that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit if it is practiced regularly. Otherwise, you can’t break the old practices and make a new habit. Are we vocal about that? Otherwise, just feel satisfied when we hear some good words from an experienced person or from an expert that some practice is necessary to lead a happy and healthy life.

Tips for making mindfully eating food choices…

✔️Whenever you are eating some food, you should chew the food slowly and try to avoid distractions during that time.

✔️70% of our body weight is full of water. So, keep yourself hydrated and have around 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

✔️Differentiate between actual hunger, and artificial hunger.

✔️Add green vegetables, salads, soups, fruits, dry fruits, juices, and pulses in your diet.

✔️Break your meal into 5 smaller meals in a day.

✔️ Never eat too much in a meal. Otherwise, it will give rise to an obesity problem that is linked to several life-threatening diseases like heart attack, High BP, etc.