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Healthy snacks for kids during the lockdown

Snacks are one of the most important parts of a child’s routine, it may be not for some of the adults but children do like it a lot and is essential too because children tend to burn more calories as per their intake and as a result, their food intake also has to be healthy and heavy so that they feel full for a longer period of time and get sufficient amount of energy with taste.

How lockdown has affected children?

Well, children are one of the sufferers of lockdown but it is essential as per the current situation and most children would be missing the street foods or the snacks that were bought for them from outlets in the locality. 

When it comes to consuming food most of the children are very picky about what to eat and what to not but some of them will eat anything you provide but it is up to the parent to manage the food habits of the children so that the child can lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.
So, in this blog, we are going to have a look at a few of the healthy snacks for children during this lockdown.


Chickpeas are one of the healthiest food items, which you can easily give to your kids, be it boiled and ground with some local spices or even some fried with cornflour. It is up to your kid whether he/she likes the humus or the fried ones, overall it is healthy enough.

Omelette or Scrambled eggs

This is probably the most consumed dishes or snacks all over the world and we all know how beneficial are eggs for children, just take a pan pour the egg with some veggies, spices and any of the snack is ready to be it an omelette or a bowl of scrambled egg.

Egg Sandwich 

Well, if your kid likes egg recipes then serve it with two pieces of bread, some veggies, and an omelette in the middle of the bread pieces and there it is a sandwich for our kid’s snack with some tomato ketchup surely your kid will fall in love with this.

Masala corn

Not many kids will be inclined to eat regular boiled corn but when you add some spices into it, that is where kids will be attracted to the taste and eventually a small cup of masala corn will satisfy all the needs.


This would let you think why is it here, but oats can also be a healthy snack, it’s just that your kid has to decide what has to be eaten and options being masala oats or sweet oats.


If you belong to a regular Indian family then you are already familiar to this dish because it is one of the favourites. You can also treat your child with this if your child is not familiar with this snack.


One of the most loved and consumed south Indian dishes in India. It’s quite heavy for a snack but less quantity with some chutney can do the job to fulfil the needs of your kid in an evening or morning.