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Wise & Healthy Lunch Swaps

Are you having the right nutrition for your healthy well-being? If you are not, there are multiple options for healthy nutrition that you may include them in your daily routine diet. As breakfast is an important factor in your entire nutrition. You can’t be lenient in your lunch choices because it is also one of the main foods that energize you throughout the day.


Healthy Lunch Choices for you…..


There are several healthy lunch choices in which you can opt and swap your daily unhealthy meals for better health.


White Rice vs. Brown Rice


When you are thinking about having healthy swaps, you would be taking brown rice into consideration instead of white rice because of its innumerable benefits. Brown rice is very effective in your weight loss regime. If you are worried about your excessive fat, just start having brown rice instead of white rice. It is full of nutrients that reduce fat in your blood and also lowers your blood pressure level.


Chicken Burger vs. Chicken Sandwich


It is very common in the corporate world that your colleagues are fond of chicken burgers and they prefer to have them during lunchtime. Actually, chicken burgers are having high calories, excessive fat, and are not also fresh most of the time. On the other hand, Chicken Sandwich is the best lunch swap that you may easily have that. It can be prepared in your office kitchen too if Non-veg is allowed in your office. You can have it with white bread, brown bread, or multigrain bread. The nutrition is quite high in a chicken sandwich.


Cheese Pasta vs. Whole Wheat Masala Pasta


Pasta is also difficult to digest because it is so heavy. You shouldn’t have it daily. But, if you are fond of having Cheese Pasta, it will certainly increase your weight and you would feel quite heavy in your body. The better option is to have the whole wheat masala pasta. You can add green vegetables with it for better nutrition and taste as well.


Naan Vs. Tandoori Roti


Naan is really delicious. You can’t resist your temptation for naan. Naan is made of flour and maida. They are baked at tandoor. The hot butter naans being served to you surely bring water in your mouth. The butter naans are quite heavy and increase fat in your body. Instead, you should prefer to have tandoori roti made of whole wheat. It is healthy, light, and more nutritious.


Chole Bhature Vs. Masala Dosa


Chole Bhature is the hot-selling food that everyone loves to have them even during lunchtime. Though, they are so much oily and made of maida. They add more fat to your body. On the other hand, the better choice is to have Masala Dosa and it is a sound Indian food that is rich in nutrients. The potatoes and onions are added into it. It is very delicious food at lunch.
People of all ages shouldn’t avoid a healthy diet. Your overall physical and mental fitness lies in the fuel that you give to your body. But, it is also the truth that the large section of society across the world is fond of fast food and has odd eating habits that can be controlled by following the above lunch choices.