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Daliya Idli recipe

Basically, idli is one of the most eaten and popular breakfasts in India, however, it is a proper south Indian dish which is eaten in almost every single part of the country in the north as well. If you are an Indian then you must know the key ingredients of a regular idli, that you can easily prepare yourself or have it in a proper stall or restaurant. 

Regular idli is basically made up of black gram and rice which becomes quite heavy as a breakfast and if you go on to prepare the idli as breakfast then people eating it will not be able to consume more than 5-6. Let’s get to know about the Daliya idli which is also another form of beaten or cracked wheat ( daliya ), it is basically the healthier and lighter version of a regular idli. Daliya is basically beaten wheat which is eaten in India in different forms such as upma, porridge and many more. 

We Indians are surely obsessed with wheat and why not its quite healthy and there is no bad effect to the body even if we consume the wheat products regularly, daliya or cracked wheat is highly rich in protein, fibre and iron also if you went on to be little creative then you can easily make a great recipe of idli or upma for daily breakfast.

Ingredients to prepare Daliya Idli:

Daliya or beaten wheat itself, take the quantity as per the number of consumers.

Black gram (it is optional if you don’t like daliya much)

1 tablespoon of cumin seeds i.e. jeera

1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds i.e. Kasturi methi

Salt as per taste.

Fresh coconuts (for chutney)

Vegetable oil to roast or grease the moulds.

Procedure to prepare daliya Idli

Take bowls, place black grams, fenugreek seeds and daliya in it. Let it soak water for 2 hours.

After all of the three ingredients are soaked, drain the water out. Take a mixer grinder place all of the three ingredients in it then add some water to it if needed, grind it until the batter is smooth enough.

Take a frying pan, add some oil then add some fenugreek seed and cumin seeds, fry it for 1 minute then add all of it to the batter in a bowl. Mix the batter well with the seeds then add salt as per taste.

Take moulds (the idli making moulds) grease the moulds with the vegetable oil so that the idli doesn’t get stuck on the moulds. 

Take a big spoon of the batter and place it evenly in every single mould. Make sure that the water in the mould is already hot otherwise the cooking time may extend.

After you place the batter then wait for 10 – 15 minutes by covering the moulds properly and then wait until its perfectly cooked.

After it's cooked, take the cooked idli out from the moulds carefully and you are good to go with coconut chutney.