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Keto friendly breakfast recipes

Keto being one of the most difficult diet plans to follow, assures effective and impressive results. It is one of the most popular ways to lose weight just by eating food according to the Keto diet, in this diet there is almost zero carbs which eventually affects the blood sugar level to be lower. People often prefer this diet for losing weight with great speed. 

So, in this blog we will have a brief look at the keto Indian breakfast recipes which can help you maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle for a better future ahead.

Low carb upma

Upma is one of the most popular breakfasts in India and there are several kinds of upma according to the regions. So, let’s have a look at the ingredients and preparation.

Take olive oil, fry all the vegetables taken, with the desired spices, add water to the pan, let the water boil for 30 seconds, pour the raw upma into the pan and let it cook for around 10minutes then adjust the thickness accordingly and you are ready with a delicious heavy breakfast for a better day ahead.


Dal with vegetables

Dal has been one of the most prominent main course dishes in most of the regions of India, it is delightfully eaten with rice which tends to be a heavy meal.

Wash the dal properly, take a pan, boil the water after adding specific and required spices into it. Then let it boil for around 2-3 minutes for even distribution of spices, pour the dal into it and let it cook for at least 15 minutes, then recognize the thickness of the dish, add vegetables to the half cooked dal, then apply seasonings to it with very less amount of oil, cumin seeds, onions. And your dal is ready.


Omlette with either chicken or goat meat

This is the most common dish in India, you can always expect an omlette to be perfect and healthy, being rich in calcium and proteins it provides great benefits to the body. In addition if you are adding chicken or any kind of meat it’s even better with the taste and the compositions too.

Take an whole egg or just the egg whites, pour it in a bowl, add salt and spices, then beat it properly for distribution of salt and spices (if any). Add the precooked chicken or meat to the omlette in the nonstick pan, cook for a while and just garnish it with coriander leaves and your omlette is ready.


Dal dosa

Dal is one of the most common food items eaten in India and it comes with a lot of variety for preparation of dishes, it is easily available and affordable too.

Soak the dal in advance from the previous night, grind the soaked dal finely by adding some water, batter is prepared, take a nonstick pan and you are ready to split the batter in to the pan. Then just roll the dosa after it is cooked and your breakfast is ready to enjoy with some chutney.


Oats is a great substitute to every food in today’s era and it is the most easiest to prepare. 

Take any rolled oats, take a pan, boil water and add salt, required spices to the water accordingly, pour the oats and let it cook for 5 -10 minutes and your healthy breakfast is ready.