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Health Benefits of Kokum you Simply Can’t Miss

Garcinia Indica, commonly known as Kokum is a free-bearing tree that is found in the Western Ghats region of India. With culinary and pharmaceutical uses, kokum is used as a medicine as well. It can be eaten raw or drank in the form of juice as kokum is considered to be effective to suppress your appetite. 


There has been a study that states that Kokum helps the protection of brain health and prevents cancer. With a lot of benefits, sun-dried kokum is used as an additive in food as it acts as a souring agent. Due to its medicinal properties, it is an ingredient in cuisines mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Southern part of India. It can be good to have kokum in your diet because of its benefits.


Following are a few health benefits of Kokum:


  • Helps Aid Weight Loss:


  1. Being known to suppress appetite thus lowering your craving to eat more than usual. It is highly rich in nutrients like garcinol, HCA (hydroxy citric acid), and anthocyanins.

  2. Kokum also helps fight conditions like acidity and constipation thus improving boosting metabolism in the body and help weight loss.

  3. Garcinol present in Kokum has anti-inflammatory properties. it helps prevent inflammation by acid metabolism in the body. 

  4. Kokum has properties to reduce the fat content in food, thus it is widely used as an additive ingredient.


  • Antioxidant Powerhouse:


  1. Kokum is rich in anthocyanins which helps prevent the growth of free radicals in the body. Due to this, helps the risk of many diseases including heart disease which are usually caused by the damage done by oxidation of cells. 

  2. Garcinol which is present in kokum also helps neutralize free radicals in the body. Thus, a great addition you can have in your diet to improve your immunity.


  • Prevents Degenerative Diseases:


  1. Kokum also helps prevent certain diseases due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

  2.  Garcinol present in kokum acts to suppress pro-inflammatory enzymes which are a major reason to cause dementia, cancer, and heart diseases.


  • Regulate Blood Sugar:


  1. Kokum plays an important role in reducing the oxidation of free radicals in the body.

  2. With a higher metabolism rate in the body helps reduce the effect of diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels. 


  • Great Nutrient content:


  1. Containing citric acids and carbohydrates, Kokum is a great source of essential nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the body. Other nutrients like ascorbic acid, potassium, fiber, manganese are also present abundantly in kokum. 

  2. With such nutrient-rich fruit is an excellent suggestion during pregnancy and development of the baby.


  • Anti-Aging Properties:


  1. Containing vitamins and nutrients that help improve the overall texture of hair and skin, it contains anti-aging properties that help to repair and regenerative of the deal cells. 


With any-inflammatory properties, kokum is even used to treat allergies and skin rashes and burns. It can be taken in powdered form, as well as can be soaked and extracted thus helping provide medicinal benefits. 


A healthy and balanced diet that includes kokum can really benefit your health. Make sure to enjoy the beautiful red and purple fruit that helps reduce weight in a completely natural and healthy way.