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How to make your own hand sanitizer at home

You must have read or listened about the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic which has been spreading all over the world rapidly. The name is coronavirus which originated from China and has been spreading and taking lives since then, over more than 10,000 people are dead by now and day by day the numbers are increasing. 

Yet a country like India where over 1.3 billion people reside, the no. of positive cases of the deadly coronavirus is 271 until now and is said to be increasing because of casualties by the citizens. There are several precautionary measures which should be followed to tackle the effect of the virus such as wearing masks and having a hand sanitizer while travelling or gathering places, because if you went on to sanitize your hands every 15-20 minutes when you are out then the chances of getting the COVID-19 is very less because it is said that alcohol is killing the virus in its initial stage, even in your hands. 

So, in this blog, we are going to have a look at how you can make a hand sanitizer at your home with ease and regular ingredients at your home. It is very essential to have knowledge about all these especially in these kinds of situations where people are not even recognizing that they have caught the virus.

Ways to make hand sanitizer at home:

Make sure that the hand sanitizer you are using or making contains more than 60% of alcohol which is totally effective to keep your hands safe from coming in contact with the affected person in the locale.

Ingredients used:

↦Small containers to measure the contents

↦Isopropyl alcohol (70-90%)

↦Aloe vera gel (from any of the general store or you can also make it naturally from any aloe plant)

↦A beaker or a clean glass bowl to mix the contents well

↦A bottle of oil to mix it to your homemade sanitizer which will give a fragrance to it

The process to prepare the sanitizer:

↦Bring isopropyl alcohol from any of your nearby drugstore or pharmacy.

↦Take the isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel in the form of 2:1 because the sanitizer has to be containing more than 60% alcohol.

↦Mix it well in a glass bowl so that you can measure the uniform texture just by having a look at it. 

(Aloe vera gel is used because it is frequently used as a moisturizer and when you will go on to use only the isopropyl alcohol it will burn your hands so to control the alcoholic content aloe vera gel is the best choice.)

↦Take a bottle of oil, be it lavender or any kind of flavour you would love to smell. Make sure you are just adding the oil droplets to make your sanitizer smell good. You can even skip this part and directly move on to the next ones.

At last, your hand sanitizer is ready and you can take any of the plastic bottles to store it for further usage or also you can use some of our toiletries from your home to store the sanitizer.