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Healthy Mango Banana Smoothie – A must try

Do you know that most of the people in the world are huge fans of smoothies? Yes, it is true. Fruits are the rich source of several nutrients like vitamin C, folic acid, potassium fibre. The summer season brings different types of fruits along with it. Mango and Banana are among them. A healthy mango banana smoothie is a good source of nutrients. So, you must enjoy this smoothie.

Mango is termed as “King of all fruits” in the world. There are around 1000 varieties of mangoes in the world. It is even the national fruit of India. It is very tempting and full of energy. Even children can’t resist themselves from the taste of mango. People love to have mangoes as much as possible. Mango has vitamin C, vitamin A, and probiotic dietary fibre. Not all people know that mango is beneficial in digestion, boosts immunity, takes care of your eyes, lowers the bad cholesterol, and also helpful in weight loss.

While banana is also the powerhouse of energy, it has many important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, manganese, fibre, and potassium. Banana is useful for protecting your body against broken tissues and cells. It gives you instant energy and enhances your metabolism system. It’s a panacea for your health and also curbs your gastrointestinal and BP related issues. You can have a banana in breakfast or pre and post-workout meals. Those who are involved in any sort of sports or physical related activities, they can’t ignore the advantages of banana. 

Your mouth would be watering after knowing the benefits of having a banana and mango. We all pleased to have them, especially in the summer. People of all ages prefer to add banana and mango in their daily diet.  Both fruits are eaten in various forms. Though, a healthy mango and banana smoothie are one of them. It’s really one of the energy drinks that keeps your appetite in control and provides you all the necessary nutrition to your body for being fit during the day.

So, do you want to know the recipe for making a healthy mango and banana smoothie? If not, don’t worry. Get ready to learn the delicious recipe. The ingredient required to make mango and banana smoothie are as follows:

✔Take a medium-sized mango and peel it off. Slice it into some parts.

✔Peel off two bananas and cut it into pieces.

✔ Put all the pieces of mango and banana in the blender.

✔Add one cup of vanilla yogurt

✔Pour two cups of milk in the jar.

✔Add one spoon of honey.

✔Add some ice cubes as per your requirements.

✔Blend them for one to two minutes.

A healthy mango and banana smoothie are ready. You can add dry fruits to garnish the smoothie.

I hope this smoothie will certainly make your day in the summer. You can have the drink at any time during the day. Preferably, enjoy mango and banana smoothie in the morning or in the afternoon. So, enjoy your drink with pleasure.