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Why is meal timing important in a diet plan?

Today’s generation is very much cautious about being fit and healthy and to do so some go to the gym and others prefer the way of dieting. But we all know dieting is easier said than done. Controlling our mind is the toughest thing we ever face while dieting. To overcome this thought we all take pills and medicines which is sometimes unhealthy to our body. But if you want to opt for any diet plan, the most important thing in any diet plan is the proper meal timing.


As we all know a healthy body is the source of good energy and thus with the help of various diet plans and programs you will easily get the desired results. The timing of the meal effect on metabolic regulations, bodyweight regulations, sleep cycle, and obesity-related diseases.


What time you should eat?


This is still confusing for lots of the researchers that at what time you should eat. In a recent study, it is showed that late lunch eaters can easily lose weight than early eaters. When you eat between 6 to 7 pm you will easily gain weight but to reduce your calorie intake this time, helps you a lot in reducing weight.


In mixed results, it is showed that breakfast plays a great role in our daily diet. Peoples who take more calories in breakfast eat less during the day. Peoples who eat breakfast full of nutrients can easily manage their weight and other health-related problems. Your body generally gets hungry after every 4 to 5 hrs. Researchers say it is important to keep on your eye what to eat for a healthy body but at what time you should eat what is equally important. Hence many peoples eat every 3 to 4 hours in a day, in order to stay fit and healthy, or to control on carbs diet you should have 2 to 3 raw meals in a day.


What about lunch?


Lunch is also an important meal of the day. If you skipped your lunch then you will end up with the overeating for dinner. It will ultimately ruin your diet plan. So it is good if you ate lunch in two portions in the first half of lunch you can take veggies or in 2nd half, you can take carbs. If you are not taking enough carbs and other protein and vitamin stuff in the appropriate quantity and at proper time then you might end up damaging yourself.


Dinner Time 


Never hit the bed immediately after eating dinner. Lots of dieticians and researchers recommended that always have dinner 3 hours before bedtime. During this period, you can easily digest your food. As you all know digestion takes time. Stick to your diet plan and especially timings. Eating healthy and staying happy is the most important thing. Get away from junk food and go for fresh veggies and fruit on appropriate timing. Remember your mealtime is the most important factor in staying healthy and fit.