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Migraine Diet Dos and Don’ts

So, in this busy world of work and stress, people often neglect their health and go on to eat unhealthy food items which later on tends to be very unhealthy for their health. There are several common diseases that can easily affect the life of a common man and one of them is Migraine attacks.

What is Migraine?

This disease is one of the most common diseases probably in the whole world, after all, it’s a headache. There are basically several reasons which tend to trigger Migraine attacks, but it gets quite irritating when it gradually stays and increases with time. 

The reasons are quite common such as jet lag, bad odour, flickering screen, allergic items, unhealthy or heavy usage of caffeine or alcoholic items in the diet, its common but it also totally makes you dysfunctional which is very unprofessional in these days.

Depression, stress, excitement and many other irregular medications can also lead to migraine attacks. Mostly the migraine attacks last for a few hours but it gets very irritating and exhausting when it stays for days.

When you are suffering from migraine attacks then you will also feel the pain and pressure around your neck and shoulder areas.
So, in this blog, we are going to have a brief look at the dos and don’ts while in a migraine diet or while you are suffering from unwanted migraine attacks.


Just go through the whole diet and just pick out the time or food after which you felt the migraine attack, it lets you be much more determined about the particular food item that is causing the attack.

Drink the maximum amount of water, it will also prevent the body from dehydration. One can also have cold or warm water according to their respective choices.

Always intake high fibre and low-fat food items such as oats, green vegetables and fruits.

Consumption of soya beans are also a good choice, it is very light and the amount of fat is almost none in it, which will eventually keep you full and your digestion system intact.

Always maintain a healthy diet according to your food choices and comfort never add any odd food item to your diet, it can be dangerous for your health.


Just forget you eat any sugary or fatty item in the whole day because it can cause acids and which can eventually lead to more frequent migraine attacks.

Do not go off the diet because it can instantly trigger the migraine to hit you.

Do not expose yourself to very bright areas or always wear glasses while going out on a sunny day.

Do not consume unwanted medicines for minor health issues.

Totally avoid perfumes, if you have allergies or always stay away from bad odour.

Don’t exhaust yourself during any work, it gives stress to the brain. Always cope up with the daily routine and stay in the comfort zone both physically and emotionally.

Hence, diet is the most important factor when it comes to maintaining your health and staying away from disease.