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Does milk shrink your stomach or increase weight?


Milk is one of the most consumed dairy products in the world, you can easily notice that every single house not only in India but also all over the world tends to consume milk on a regular basis, say it with tea, coffee, cereals or only the milk. 

You can call it a whole meal itself because it is quite heavy and also it contains a very high amount of calcium, iron and various kinds of vitamins which makes it even more useful and beneficial for the overall growth of the body.

You can easily notice that the bodybuilders add up to at least two full glass of milk into their daily diet because they are well aware of the benefits that milk tends to provide. Most of the fitness enthusiasts tend to drink only milk (without any sweetener) while some of the people enjoy the glass of milk with sugar regularly.

Is milk useful for weight loss and what are the benefits?

Answer to the question that whether milk helps lose weight or not is totally dependent upon the person who is consuming milk on a regular basis. Here are some benefits which show that drinking milk on a regular basis could be healthy:

People are often surrounded by myths that milk consumption makes people fat and gain weight in a bad way. This is correct up to some extent but milk has its own components and helps the consumer on its own way. Yes, it has many components which can help you gain weight but in a healthy manner, if you go on to maintain a consistent and healthy diet.

Milk has many components which helps the bones to be much stronger naturally such as calcium, vitamin D. Overall milk is by far one of the most important and beneficial drink because you can easily boost up your metabolism which eventually helps people to lose calories in a consistent manner. 

People often complain that after drinking milk they feel full, which according to them doesn’t add up to the fact that it helps to lose fat. So, as we know that it has various components which combine up to form a complex solution for our body and it takes a while to digest milk, which eventually leads to keeping the consumer full up to a longer period of time.

Some of the recent research tends to prove that linolenic acid found in milk can help in burning fat, there is also another vitamin i.e. B3 which also helps the human body to maintain a consistent weight and also helps in boosting of energy.

You must have noticed that children are always offered milk while they are infant or young because it instantly provides energy to the body and boosts up the whole body. 

It is entirely up to the person consuming milk, whether he/she will tend to gain or lose weight because it’s not like you drink milk every day and sleep the rest of the time. When you go on to drink milk regularly, you should be well aware that working out is also quite relevant to that of calorie intake.