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Benefits of eating nuts everyday

Nuts are tiny storehouses with tons of health benefits in them, but most people don't consider them because of their fat Content. Well, the truth is nuts contain heart-healthy fats, as well as numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can enhance your health

Many researches have found out that nuts can help with controlling blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, improve cardiac health and can prevent weight gain. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Breaking down the health benefits of nuts

1. Rich and abundant amount of nutrients

Knowing the types of nutrients in the nuts might shock you a bit. Nuts are more nutritious than most of us know. An ounce (28g) of mixed nuts will contain 

Calories: 173

Protein: 5 grams

Carbohydrates: 6 grams

Fats: 16 grams, with 9 grams of monounsaturated fat

Fiber: 3 grams

Vitamin E: 12% of RDI

Phosphorus: 13% of RDI

Magnesium: 16% of RDI

Copper: 23% of RDI

Manganese: 26% of RDI

Selenium: 56% of RDI

RDI stands for reference daily intake. 

2. Contains antioxidants

Nuts are powerhouses of antioxidants. Researches have shown that the antioxidants present in Walnuts and almonds can actually protect the tender fats in our cells from being damaged by oxidation. Nuts contain other antioxidants like polyphenols which can protect our cells from bad LDL cholesterol from any kind of damage caused by free radicals.

3. Can lower cholesterol

Nuts can help control the cholesterol levels in our body. The cholesterol lowering property of the nuts may be because of the presence of high amount of unsaturated fatty acids. 

Nuts like almonds and hazelnuts seem to raise HDL cholesterol while lowering the LDL cholesterol which is a balance ratio in our body. 

4. Aid in weight loss

It's true that nuts have high calories, but they also contain fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, which can help you calm down your appetite. When it was found that people eating nuts, lost more weight and keep it off for longer compared to those who ate more carbs. 
Similarly, recent studies have shown that our body absorbs about 12% and 5% lesser calories from walnuts and pistachios. This shows that our body doesn't absorb all the fats from the nuts, Making it ideal to eat during weight-loss plans.

5. Rich in fiber

Basically our body doesn't contain any mechanism or any chemical that can predominantly digest the fibers. But some bacteria living in our colon can do this job. 

Fiber can can have powerful benefits like improving the gut health and reducing the risk of diabetes or obesity. 
Also, fiber can help calm down the appetite and you will ultimately eat and consume lesser calories from the meals. Taking 18 to 36 grams daily of fiber will result in up to 130 fewer calories absorbed overall.

Some nuts rich in fiber per 28g serving are: 

Almonds: 3.5 grams

Pistachios: 2.9 grams

Hazelnuts: 2.9 grams

Pecans: 2.9 grams

Peanuts: 2.6 grams

Macadamias: 2.4 grams

Brazil nuts: 2.1 grams

Ultimately, nuts can reduce the disease risk to keep you healthy.