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How to stock food wisely during lockdown

The lockdown

Well, when we talk about the lockdown period it is quite obvious that people are getting annoyed staying at home or far from home but this is a path to tackle the pandemic, coronavirus which has led over 2million people to be affected all over the world and when it comes to India it has been more than 21 days since the government declared the lockdown and it is good but what about the resources?
When we think of essentials the first thing that comes to our mind is food items and it is quite obvious because without food living is impossible. But, people are panicking and piling up food items at their houses and eventually, they are being irresponsible because piling up more than a sufficient amount of food items can cause crisis and problematic situations for the country.

So, in this blog, we are going to have a brief account of how we should be stocking up food items during this lockdown period.

Do not over shop

Over shopping of items can lead to the crisis and people are panicking because the resources would run out which is totally illogical because the government has planned for every single condition and the government itself is saying do not pile up resources because it will make situations worse.

Vegetables and fruits

Suppose, you went on and purchase food items for a month then it would eventually rot in your fridge and you would be dealing with an unhygienic or probably throwing all the rotten vegetables and fruits. So, shop within the limit and purchase items of at least 3-4 days because eating stocked food will make you unhealthy.

Dairy items 

Eventually, this is not the item to stock up because you can easily get it over your general store you’re your home delivery personnel. Still, people are buying dairy items like crazy as if it is already the end of the world. So, stay patient and have items stocked within the limit. Eating fresh will make your immune system stronger and eventually it is great.


Pick your items wisely

If you are short on cash or you have made a big investment lately or even if you have enough money, still you need to spend your money on the appropriate food items because this is the time which can lead a country like India to its lowest of financial condition. Do not purchase an unwanted item, make a proper list before you leave for shopping.

What items should you purchase and what not?

It totally depends on the family members of yours because every family have their own kinds of eating habits. Always consider old aged people and bring healthy snacks like nuts, almonds and other nutritious items so that when they feel low they can chew on it.
Make sure you bring all the fresh and healthy items to cook because you would definitely not want any of your family members to get sick at this time.

Hence, as a conclusion, there is no need for piling up food but we need to purchase all of the essential items wisely.