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Does stress make you fat? Myth or fact

People these days are often engaged with the personal struggle and are in different states of their lives, no one is relaxed and calm in this busy generation of busy people. All of us go through ups and downs in our personal and as well as professional lives, some get over it but some of us get stuck with the bad phase which isn’t healthy for us either mentally or physically, which further results to generate stress in the mind of the particular person.

Stress- a real weight gainer?

So, does stress really make a person fat or gain weight rapidly? Well this is a fact up to some extent because when the stress hormone increases the appetite of a particular person either tends to increase a lot or decreases suddenly, both of the conditions are not quite healthy for a fit person.

Chronic stress 
According to a research when there is an increase of stress hormones people mostly tend to eat more because the hormones stimulates and generates huge appetite. Basically at first people dealing with minor stress disorder will first lose the appetite but with time when it will turn into chronic stress then the appetite will rise suddenly.

Having fatty and sugary items

So, when people face these kinds of problem they often are attracted towards the junk food or the sweets and deserts, apparently eating sweet and sugar content food makes them feel better according to some research and it’s quite true that sugary food does make us happy but it also helps to gain weight with a faster pace which is not at all good for the body.

Unstable insulin and blood sugar

Experts also say that when insulin level gets higher or the blood sugar drops while suffering from stress disorders then the body automatically craves for sugary and fatty content which is why weight gain is quite obvious for any person.

No physical involvement

People also let their body be at rest while suffering from stress disorder which is good until the limit but when you tend to sleep or just sit like that most of the time your physical involvement minimizes which tends to increase the weight of the person.  A small walk or jog regularly can also help you maintain the body for a better schedule and lifestyle.

Few tips to overcome stress.

Consult a therapist

It might sound unfamiliar but a therapist is well known about the consequences of taking excessive stress, they can easily get you out of the situation to make your life much improvised and valuable. You have to be honest with the therapist as they need to know what’s going on in your life which is causing this amount of stress.

Spend time with the loved ones

You can always share every single event, be it the bad or the best phase of your life. A partner will undoubtedly help you without any hitch. Sharing with the loved ones will only lower the pain and increase the happiness in your lives because only that single person understands you in and out.

Hence, it is totally up to you whether you go on to damage yourself with the conditions or improvise yourself to be a better version of yourself.