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Why is Sustainable Diet Plan for Everyone?

Sustainable life depends on a good sustainable diet plan which would lead to a happy life. As you see how our natural resources are being exploited in a large manner. We have started feeling the scarcity of various commodities in the different parts of the world. People have their own preferences regarding their eating habits. Some people have an inclination towards a vegetarian diet and others like to barge into a non-vegetarian diet. There is always a dispute over your eating habits.

There are different opinions regarding striking a balance between our ecosystem and our natural resources. In many cases, the production of goods and services is much more than expected but many people don’t have access to the food due to several reasons. But, it is also true that a sustainable diet plan for everyone is necessary to preserve our natural resources for meeting any eventuality in the future. 

What is a Sustainable Diet Plan?

As per the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations,” Sustainable diets are those which contribute to the food and nutrition security and healthy life to the various generations from present to future and have a low environmental impact. These are also accepted culturally, easily accessible to masses, safe, healthy, fair, affordable and have high nutritional value with the optimization of natural and human resources”

Actually, the world has been producing more food than the actual requirements. But, the distribution of resources is not well-planned. It is also true that the big players in the agricultural sector are eating up the small entrepreneurs. It is also realised that the large section of the business world is promoting processed foods to meet the nutrition requirements of the people and such food is causing high obesity and other life threatening diseases to the masses. It has come into picture that the food which you are eating is having low nutrition value and is lacking essential vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Need for a Sustainable Diet Plan

Since there are many lacunas in the food distribution system everywhere, there is a need to re-organize the entire food and distribution system to meet the basic requirements of people. It is everyone’s right to have nutritious food and live healthier. There is a requirement of big transformation and more co-operations to meet the arising global challenges. As per the study, around 2500 calories per day for men and 2000 calories per day for women are required. But, this doesn’t seem to be followed everywhere due to the scarcity of available resources. Therefore, most of the people are more prone to several types of diseases due to having low immunity.


We need to work upon this theory that how we can produce more food with limited resources like land, water, and fuel and how to feed the global population consistently by providing them a healthy and nutrition-rich food for their well-being at the affordable price. Every citizen has the right to have proper nutrition at the economical price to live a sustainable life without any health hazard.