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Tips to detox post diwali

Maybe you have eaten a lot this diwali or you have plans to do so. Maybe you are having a lot of friends who will be coming and giving you well wishes and sweets to celebrate. Maybe you have to attend a lot of parties which you can not avoid. All these situations can happen and you need to deal with them either the avoiding way or accepting way. But we all know denying is not an option in such situations thus all you can do is consume the sweets and detox it later. This might sound almost unrealistic but yes even if you have consumed a lot of unhealthy food still you can give your body the perfect health it requires. To do so you can use the following methods

Consuming a lot of water -Consuming water in enough will help you detox your body. You can drink water and can get rid of excess  fat and sugar off your body. You need to drink 2 to 4 liters of water daily and soon you will see changes in your body.

Lemon -Lemon has been famous for it's ability to improve the digestive system of your body. You can squeeze the lemon into lukewarm water and consume it in the morning after you wake up. This whole thing will keep you light  throughout the day.

Honey- Honey is also known for it's medical effects. Honey will help you in constipation problem. Consuming honey with lemon water will make your body much more healthier than before. You can easily get back to your healthy body in a few weeks of consumption and even carry the intake even after you start feeling better.

Cucumber- It is said to detox the human body urination can be the best solution. You can pass out the toxic waste of your body by consuming a lot of water and eating cucumber. Cucumber hydrates your body and you can easily cure bloating issues too.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes are rich source of hydration and because of the beta-carotenes present in it this will help you cure a lot of body health related issues. You can easily consume them raw but make sure to wash them properly before consumption.

Spinach- Spinach is considered to be rich source of iron. Spinach is rich in dietary fiber and vital nutrients thus you can give your toxic body a fresh new start with them. These will help you in many more health related problems and keep your body stronger and increase your immune system.

These  all can be the best way to detox your body after this diwali even if you have consumed a lot of unhealthy food. The more unhealthy you eat the more detoxing stuff you will have to consume to balance your body's health.  Thus if you can avoid the sweets and fried food or any other food item which is unhealthy food then well enough but in case you are unable to do so then you can use these methods to make your body back to normal.