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Why do you gain weight overnight?


Nowadays, almost 50-55% of people are suffering from obesity. Due to obesity, people are getting affected by many kinds of diseases like Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure. Due to food habits, indisciplined lifestyles, people are gaining fast weight.


What are the reasons for gaining weight?


Fast Food

If you start taking fast foods at a random rate like chips, chocolates, soft drinks, spicy foods then no one will stop you from gaining weight. Gaining a single kilo of weight requires 3500 calories. So gaining 5 kilos of weight means at least in-taking of 20,000 calories. So, you can realise how fast food plays a major role in gaining weight overnight. Curtail your fast food from your diet.



Some medicines also create hormonal changes. Due to hormonal changes also, people tend to gain weight vigorously. Sometimes, Vitamins capsule stimulates the hormones and you can start gaining overnight. Some medications include conceivable side effects of weight gain. It is better to consult your doctor if you see that you are gaining weight more and more. 



Constipation is also one of the reasons for you to gain overnight. If your bowel system is not clear, then you can easily gain weight. So in order to avoid that, hydrate your body and drink lots of water. 


Intermittent Fasting.


Nowadays many of the people opt for intermittent fasting which might have benefits but on the other hand, it has also proved that it will be responsible for you to gain weight overnight. Intermittent fasting means skip your meal for a long time. This might work for some people but also proved to be hazardous to others as well. You can feel the difference that you gained a little bit after starting this.


Taken Carbs

If you feel that suddenly you gained a lot, then just think about what you have eaten on the last day! You must have eaten lots of carbs. Eating carbs is good for your health, but you know that it is not healthy to have too many carbs. It can exceed your calorie in just a few hours.

It can store fats in your body as well as it will also do water retention in your body.


In-taking of Sodium


if you in-take more sodium than it might help you in gaining weight overnight. If you eat fresh fish, chicken then chances are there to gain weight overnight. We all have an idea that sodium increases blood pressure but very few people know that it is the key factor of gaining weight that too in a few hours. Experts suggest that drinking more fluid will boost your body to get rid of fluids more efficiently and flush away the excess sodium from your body.



If you maintain a healthy life then you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle also. If you start gaining weight then you will find difficulty in reducing it. So drink lots of water and do some yoga and freehand exercise, it will help you to get rid of all the diseases as well as from gaining weight also.