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5 Nutritious & Healthy Winter Recipes

Well, it seems winter time  is a difficult time to start eating healthy. It is cold and not much grows during this season.


But Dt. Divya Gandhi has found some of the best winter recipes for you all, to have a delicious and healthy winters.


ROASTED VEGETABLE BOWL:- this nutritious veggie bowl is best for winters breakfast or in snacks and full of healthy vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

INGREDIENT:  4 pieces of all vegetable broccoli, avocados, beans, carrots, tofu, cranberries, mushrooms, beetroot, spinach, kale, some walnut, avocado mayo, seeds.

METHOD:-roast all these veggies on a low flame in olive oil after that add kale, walnuts, seeds in it and last step is finishing off homemade avocado mayo .serve it with homemade dressing sauce.

FRESH CARROT JUICE:-  Carrots are mostly available in winters and are rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial for skin, eyes, and hair. To consume carrot by making fresh carrot juice is the best and healthy way.

INGREDIENT: - 1 cup Luke warm water/ normal water, ½ chopped ginger, 5 fresh pilled carrots, ½ lemon, a pinch of turmeric powder, Honey (optional)

METHOD: - blend all carrots and chopped ginger in the blender add Lukewarm water/ normal water add lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in it and it is ready. You can add honey for sweetening the juice if you wish.

VEGGIE LENTIL SOUP:- this soup is full packed with nutrients and is easy to make. Vegetable lentil soup is perfect for dinner.

INGREDIENT:-  Fresh vegetables { onions, mushrooms, kale, carrot, garlic, zucchini}, olive oil, lemon juice, dried herbs, dried lentils, cheese.

METHOD:- Heat the olive oil at low flame add carrots and other vegetables  after 2 minutes add lentils and herbs oregano, basil, red pepper, salt according to taste , mix it well and let them boil at a low flame for 35 minutes at last  add zucchini, kale, and lemon juice and stir on low flame for 10 minutes  and then serve it with cheese if you wish.

SWEET POTATO PANCAKES:- This healthy sweet potato pancake dish is perfect for breakfast or sweet dish.

INGREDIENT:- 3/2  bowl all-purpose flour, salt, dark brown sugar, 2/4 baking soda,1 teaspoon baking powder, 4 cups buttermilk, 4 eggs, salted butter, 2 bowls mashed baked sweet potato, honey.

METHOD:-Whisk all flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and baking powder and in separate vessel whisk eggs, buttermilk and melted butter then stir in sweet potatoes add honey, heat them all at medium flame, add butter in separate pan for smoothness and pour 1 spoon of pancake material, make pancakes until it colored brown for 2 minutes.

CHICKPEA CURRY:- is the healthiest dish you can add in the main course, in lunch or dinner. as chickpea has a lot of protein in it which makes the dish nutritious. Chickpea curry is the famous main dish in India.

INGREDIENT:- l chopped onion, 2 potatoes, powdered cumin, salt as required, red chili powder, garlic paste,2 cup chickpeas{soaked}, garam masala powder, refined oil, coriander powder,1 cup water,1 tomato, coriander leaves.

METHOD:- take one big pan to add  I tablespoon refined oil in it at a medium flame, add onions and make it fry till it colored golden brown then add potatoes and soaked chickpea, coriander powder, garam masala powder, red chili powder and salt per taste and mix them well. and then add water and simmer it for 10-20 minutes. so it is ready now transfer the chickpea gravy into a serving bowl and garnish with coriander leaves.

Try out all these recipes, and let us know how did u find it?