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Head Nutritionist and Founder

Ms.Divya Gandhi is one of the famous dietitian and nutritionist based in New Delhi.

  • She is a double diploma holder, one in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE) from IGNOU and another in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition, from VLCC Institute, Delhi.
  • Topped VLCC in the year 2012 and has been awarded with a certificate of merit for the same.
  • She has been actively involved in conducting corporate health programs as well as in, writing articles for popular health magazines.
  • Her expertise includes Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Sports Specific Nutrition Program, Therapeutic Programs, Cholesterol Management and Healthy Heart Diet to name a few.
  • She is a famous Media Personality and has a long time Association with Zee Business.
  • She has devised diet plans for a number of purposes, including Pregnancy, Gym, Overweight and Underweight Kids, Teenagers, Anemia, Hypertension, Kidney Care, Boosting immunity and many more. She has been curbing health issues with her effective nutritional planning since Diet and Cure’s inception.
  • Formerly, she worked with VLCC as Senior Consulting Dietitian.

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